Do you deliver seedlings or are orders pick-up only?

You can pick up your seedlings from Austral Seedlings (located at Austral NSW) or we can have them delivered direct to your door. We deliver orders a couple of times a week. If you choose to pickup your seedling order from our nursery, give us a call in advance to ensure that we can have it ready on time.

Do you deliver seedlings to all areas in Australia?

We deliver our vegetable seedlings to all parts of Australia except WA. Delivers in the Sydney area are made by our staff, a reliable courier service is used for vegetable seedling deliveries outside of Sydney.

How much does it cost to deliver my order of seedlings?

Delivery costs vary depending on the location. To find out how much it will cost to deliver to you, please feel free to contact us.

What type of seedlings do you grow?

We grow and supply all vegetable seedlings and some fruit, we have recently introduced organic seedlings into our nursery, some vegetable seedlings we grow including: Artichoke Seedlings, Brassica Seedlings, Tomato Seedlings, Cucumber Seedlings, Capsicum & Chilli Seedlings, Eggplant Seedlings, Herb Seedlings, Lettuce Seedlings, Rockmelon & Watermelon Seedlings, Pumpkin & Zucchini Seedlings are now Organic Seedlings.

Please feel free to call us if you are after a vegetable seedling variety not listed on our website.

What sort of chemicals or sprays are your organic seedlings exposed to?

We use organic sprays to control insects and fungicide, all fertilizers used on our organic vegetables are made from organic and natural products.

How can I be informed about new seedling varieties?

Sign up to our newsletter where you will be informed of new products and seedling varieties as they reach our doorstep. Alternatively, we can fax or post out our newsletter at your request. Or you can keep coming back to the website to view new vegetable seedling varieties and products.