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Australian Ants

No one can live in or visit Australia without having personal contact with ants.
This site is the source for information on Australian ants.
It provides information on these fascinating insects, details on their biology, identification and distribution, along with an introduction to the published literature.
arrow Habitats – Ants are found everywhere, from coastal mangroves to the highest peaks of the Australian Alps. And they are hardly shy. They happily live in our busiest cities and nest in our houses. more…
arrow Nests – Ant homes can be huge with tens of thousands of workers and extensive mounds, or small with only a handful of workers clustered together in small cavities between rocks or inside twigs. more…
arrow Unique – While many Australian ants are found everywhere, others are among the rarest invertebrates in Australia. Numerous species have been encountered fewer than 10 times, and several are known from only one or two specimens.